Sunvalley System Addict


Is from Sunvalley Boxers
Here she is (left) at 7 weeks old and (right) at 18 months.

She  visited friends down on the south coast a few years ago, and liked it so much, she decided to retire down there. The sea air obviously agrees with her!  (See Polly's Diary below)

Ch Hilthorn Gold Blend
Ch Faerdorn Fineas Fogg
Ch Bitza Shout 'n' Roar
Faerdorn This 'n' That
Ch Faerdorn Georgia on My Mind at Hilthorn
Seafoam Wayfarer of Seefeld
Faerdorn for the Good Times at Rayfos
Sunvalley Miranda
Mindenwood The Pearl Fisher
Ch Ashgate Able Seaman of Seefeld

Mindenwood Petite Etoile

Sunvalley True Romance

Ch Tonantron  True Glory

Sunvalley Sancerre

We thought you'd like to see how well she has settled into her new home and environment, so we asked her to keep a diary.

 Polly's Diary   -  Part One  -   Life's a Beach

Everyone wants to retire down by the seaside, and I am certainly no exception.  Have found a real home-from-home with a lovely family, right by the beach!   They have an ancient cat (she's 21, or probably 105 in cat years - which is pretty old!)  They wondered at first whether the cat and I would get along, but they didn't have to worry!  She's like having a hot-water bottle inside a furry cover, and she comes in really handy for wiping my chops on after I've eaten my dinner.  Cool cat!

This is a photo of the ancient cat, just in case you don't believe me.  And I still don't understand why she's allowed on the table, and I have to sit on the floor!  Hmmm ........

Every morning I have a gallop along the beach, dodging the waves, which are sometimes really huge -   and trying to pick up pebbles before they disappear under the foam again.   I've  made some new friends down on the beach: a couple of Boxer girls,  just like me,  and a black Labrador.  I do seem to attract black Labradors, because I am currently having great fun with another one called Jed; but my owner says that it can only end in tears, because it's merely a summer romance:  Jed's owners are only down here for a couple of weeks on the caravan site.   Jed is besotted with me, and will just sit and stare at me adoringly - well,  I can't help it, can I?  
PS:  We've had harsh words today - he was trying to push the boundaries, and I'm not that kind of girl!!

This is me bobbing for pebbles on one of my morning beach walks.  One time, a huge wave got me before I could get out of the way, and I was soaked through. My Dad thought it was very funny, and laughed his head off!      


And sometimes we go for walks around the Marina,
which is full of people messing around in boats.
YOU!!  ... A SWAN!!  ... GO ON!! 

A very special friend of the family, a famous actress no less,  has come all the way from Germany just to meet me!  She's very nice, and I think she likes me, too!  My Dad says I'll be able to swap make-up tips with her - but I can't really imagine she wears chalk and coat gloss, and has her whiskers trimmed, but I guess it takes all sorts!

This is me with the famous German actress - she gave me her autograph, and I gave her a big lick!!

She also gave me some tips on getting my beauty sleep, and here I am, getting more beautiful, in my favourite Burberry designer bed.    

My Dad says nothing is too good for me -

and do you know what?   He's absolutely right!!    

The weather has been incredibly mild for this time of year, and we had our last barbecue out in the garden.  I was told to sit and watch that the meat doesn't burn, and I did  ......... 

But how come I'm  always  the last one to be served?  Even the ancient cat gets hers before me.  (OK - I know she's a lot older than me - and age goes before beauty - but nevertheless!! )


Polly's Adventures in Brighton

We were all off to do some Christmas shopping in Brighton and my Dad had ordered a stretch limousine to collect us  which was pretty cool  ..... 


.....   but I must admit to being a tad disappointed that it wasn't pink!  But never mind, a girl can't have everything.

As we swept away, my Dad slid open the window, so I could grace the neighbours with my best regal look!  

Princess Polly's off to Brighton to do some sightseeing -
and some serious shopping at my favourite shop - DOGGY FASHION!!


So this  is Brighton ......  no wonder we live in Eastbourne!!
Well, I've seen Brighton beach - and that's Brighton Pier - but I'm still waiting for my little stick of Brighton Rock! (But Dad says it's bad for my teeth)

This apparently is the 'ROYAL' PAVILLION - now this sounds more the thing .....  but, can you believe it ..?  NO DOGS ALLOWED!    ...  not even ME!!


Never mind, I can live with that -  at least they have a Pavilion Shop which looks very nice  ..  but hang on .... it's full of tacky 'human'  Christmas stuff!  Not a dog biscuit in sight!! 

Well, we've done a lot of walking and sightseeing, and they promised me an ice-cream cone ... but how on earth am I supposed to carry this back to the limo?

At last, it's time for some serious doggy Christmas shopping! 

Oh,  NO!  We're too late!  The shop has closed for the Christmas holidays, and I did SO want that little red coat in the window! 

Never mind, perhaps Santa will bring me something special. I've been a VERY GOOD GIRL this year - just ask my Dad! 

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