Polly's Diary   -    Part Two

Hello,  it's  Polly again!

Yes, that's me in the Boutique designer bed opposite - a dog's life is a tough one!

You may have read my earlier Diary jottings, which were all about my retirement down to the south coast, and life with my new family and the ancient cat.  Well, a lot has happened since then, and I thought an update was well overdue -   so here goes!


Winter 2008

So much has happened over the last 18 months - I hardly know where to start - but I really must begin with congratulating my ol' Dad on the brilliant job he has done in co-producing the new UK Boxer Record Book 1991-2007  of championsIt truly is a labour of love, and if you're interested in acquiring a copy (and every Boxer lover should have one!) go onto the website: www.ukboxerrecordbook.co.uk and order your copy. There's even  a photo of me in there on page 2,  (so not yet a Page 3 girl!)

Here's a photo of my Dad with his writing partner, and my breeder, accepting congratulations from the lovely Scottish Boxer Club for producing the book.   Wow!!    He's such a cool dude ......


I've also been busy training for my Certificate in Obedience,
at the Eastbourne & District Dog Training Club. 

 It took a lot of hard work on my Dad's part, I can tell you! 

Of course, I passed with flying colours - coming Top of the Class of 40 dogs.

Most of them weren't Boxers though, so they were obviously at a disadvantage


Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas here in Eastbourne, very exciting, with loads of prezzies …. and champagne .. although I wasn't allowed to have any - too young apparently - so who was the third glass for then??  (Now isn't that a snazzy shirt? Really cool, Dad!)

But never mind the champagne   -   the best was yet to come .........

opening all the presents

  - which is one of  my favourite pastimes.  I was hoping for a new faux fur pink coat, but I actually got that amazing pink Boutique bed instead - so can't complain!   My Dad says it's fit for a Princess - well, it had to be - it came from Harrods!  

Plus, I got one of those wonderful doggy stockings full of goodies!  But in return - yes, you've guessed it - I had to wear that hat again - oh well, anything for a quiet life!


Spring 2009: 

I've got some very sad news to tell you,  I'm afraid.  My very best friend, the ancient cat, passed away, and left us all feeling very sad.  Flags were at half-mast in the harbour that day.  I really miss her, and her quirky ancient cat ways, but she had been poorly for some time, and had become very, very frail.  She was nearly 24 years old after all (that's about 112 human years - pretty amazing, huh?)  This is my Dad's favourite photo of her when she was just a youngster - wasn't she pretty?

Sleep tight, dearest Lucia, we'll meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. 

Summer 2009:
We went away to a very posh hotel in the country for the weekend to celebrate my Dad's birthday (No - he won't say how old he is!). 

I thought first of all that we were house-hunting, and that this was to be our new home - but no such luck! 

Nevertheless,  I was very honoured indeed because at Newick Park Hotel they only allow ONE dog to stay at a time. 

This hotel is part of a large country estate, so there were lots of wonderful walks for us to take, and the weather was lovely!


We've moved!  Our new home is 'The Loft' - makes me sound a bit like a racing pigeon, doesn't it? Although it isn't quite the mansion I was expecting, I love it here!  I've met lots of new friends, visited new parks and interesting secret places.  It's spooky though .... I feel that the ancient cat is still here with us - making sure that I'm looking after the family for her!    There is a lovely couple who I see almost every day - they're Jack and Marjorie Daws - a pair of jackdaws who are raising their family in a nest above our apartment. 

There is also the lovely Adelaide who takes me out for a stroll at lunchtime which I enjoy.  I've discovered other creatures living near here who are the same colour as me, but with big fluffy tails, and who come in all different sizes. They stare at me when I walk by, and sometimes run away.  Dad says they're called 'foxes', and I mustn't chase them.   Pity!

The other bit of good news is that we have bought a 'Place in the Sun',  which means that I have to go to 'boarding school' while they're away - Yippee!  (I think it might be Roedean ... mmm ...  or was it Saltdean?)My Dad says that I can't go with them just yet, but we've applied for my passport (with a lovely picture of me) - and one day soon, we will ALL be going on holiday, together - forever!  I can't wait to go swimming in my pool.   

My Dad has made sure that there are special steps at one end, so that I'll always be able to get in and out of the pool like a lady!   Of course, I do miss them when they're away, and always give them a fabulous bottom-wiggling 'Welcome Home' and lots of luvverly Boxery kisses on their return, just so they know….    

April 11th 2009

was a very special day for me - it was my 7th Birthday - which means I am now officially - a Veteran  (although everybody tells me that I only look half my age).   

And I had planned to go to the special 60th Anniversary Show of the Northern Boxer Club as the lovely judge had given me a 1st Prize when I was a puppy.  But unfortunately, I had another photoshoot to do that day, and couldn't go!

At home, I had to sit looking at my birthday cake for ages  before they let me blow out the candle and eat it!  It was yummy!!

I didn't get a pension or a free bus pass, but  I did get some lovely birthday cards from my family and my fans - and more prezzies! 

Not quite sure what that two-headed monster is supposed to be in my bed - but it's soft and cuddly, and good to snuggle up with, now that I haven't got the ancient cat any more.




Oh yes, and I also got a new pink collar - what do you think?  

Definitely my favourite colour, and I must be a trendsetter -  our next door neighbour has a new kitten, Crystal, and she's got a pink collar too!   Pssst!  I also hear that the same neighbours are getting a Labrador puppy - so that should be fun!!

Polly's Diary  -  Part Three  -  2010



Well, folks, I cannot believe how the years have flown. The last time we chatted,  I was celebrating my 7th birthday, and my new status as a 'Veteran' - and the next - well, I hate to admit it, but I've just turned  9 years old!!  Where has the time gone?     

Needless to say, I've been very busy looking after my family, and very importantly, trying to keep myself looking beautiful. Believe me, that gets harder and harder as the years roll by!

  Now, where did we leave off last time?  Goodness me, was it really Christmas 2009? So much has happened since then, and my memory isn't what it was (well, what do you expect? I'm 63 in human years – in fact, I think I could even be older than my Dad!!  Hmmm….)
Spring 2010
I love this time of year - especially the month of April - because it's my birthday!   My star sign is actually Aries, and I think I'm a pretty typical Arien:

   This is me being 8 years old - do you like my lovely
    card?   And I think I must be old enough for champers
    now - PINK champagne - of course!! 

 self-assertive ... 

This means that when I meet a strange dog who comes  up to say hello  - I make it quite clear straight away, who's the boss!!

likes exploration, discovering    ... 

 Yep, that's definitely me - I'm always diving into everything!
creativity    ...   Sorry, but that's a definite no-no - I've had the op!

personal control of everything   ...  

Absolutely!  but don't tell my Dad - he thinks he's in control! Ha-ha-ha!

competition, winning   ...  

When I was a youngster,  I won 1st prize in my class at a dog show (and my Dad's got the rosette to prove it!)
courage, honesty, nobility    ...    I couldn't have put it better myself!
Now, where did we leave off last time?  Goodness me, was it really Christmas 2009? So much has happened since then, and my memory isn't what it was (well, what do you expect? I'm 63 in human years – in fact, I think I could even be older than my Dad!!  Hmmm….)

We all went out for a long walk today - and boy, does it make you thirsty. You can't beat a pie  and a pint at the local - except I almost fell asleep waiting for the pie!  Don't they know who I am??

Anyway, got home exhausted, where my first priority was to catch up on my beauty sleep!   Zzzzzzzzzz

I hurt my paw on the beach the other day - that'll teach me to think I'm a puppy again. But our lovely Vet bound it up in a special pink bandage, which I think is quite fetching.  No sympathy here though!!!

Here's me, on the right,  doing my bit for 'Children In Need'
-  although I do think the yellow teddy does rather clash with my pink bed.  Oh well, it's all in a good cause.


Winter 2010
Well, it's been a cold, cold winter - and even though the snow was 6ft deep (OK - 6")  - I was still forced to go out in it for my 'exercise'. Fortunately, I have a cosy fleece coat that my Dad bought me, but even so,
it takes a special kind of bravery to cope with those conditions.

Spring 2011
I spotted an invitation on my Dad's desk the other day, to attend the Oscars. I was so excited! I've always imagined myself jetting across the Atlantic (first class seat, of course!) to Pollywood, where I'm sure I would have been Queen of the Golden Screen, with my name up in lights. Then my Dad has to burst my bubble, and tell me that the invitation is for the 'BOSCARS' - and that I'm not even one of the winners anyway! 
How cruel is that?  However, fame beckons from another direction -  I am now a famous cartoon character, thanks to my talented Dad!  'Polly's Diary' now appears in every edition of 'Boxer Quarterly' which is the magazine for Boxer lovers worldwide, so don't forget to look out for me in there - I'm usually on Page 5 (probably too old to be a Page 3 girl now!)
  The Olympics
We were there, my friends and I - di you see us?