At the Trent yesterday it was lovely to be able to get our hands on the new UK Boxer Record Book which has pictures and pedigrees of all UK Champions made up between 1991 and 2007.

It also has details of all CC and RCC wins back to when the breed began with a full list of the sires and dams who produced all those CC/RCC winners.

On top of all this there are pictures of the 15 Boxers who have gone BIS all breeds at UK Championship Shows since the first one in 1949 as well as a whole host of interesting records and achievements.

The book is a real labour of love and essential reading for anyone involved in the breed. On this very wet Sunday the 400 pages of records, photos and pedigrees are providing a very enjoyable way of passing the time and in years to come I am sure it will be referred to over and over again, just like the 2 volumes which preceded it.

Make sure you snap one up before they sell out, as they are bound to do.

Linda Carnaby, Robert McDougal and everyone associated with compiling this book are to be congratulated.

Tim Hutchings, Winuwuk Boxers

Worth every penny!

Andrew Brace, Tragband

I had the pleasure of getting hold of your most interesting book - to find photos of so many British dogs and all the information from the past decade was very fascinating - many thanks to both authors !!

Karin Rezewski, v. Schütting

Boxers have always been one of the lucky breeds in that their enthusiasts are never short of reading matter, be it books magazines or archives.

Now they have the third UK Boxer Record Book, covering the years 1991-2007. The first such book was produced many years ago by the late Dibbie Somerfield and after her death two of the breed’s keenest and most accurate record keepers, Linda Carnaby and Robert McDougal, brought it all up to date.

Now they have done so again, featuring UK Champions 451 to 644, each with a five-generation pedigree and a good size photograph, most of them this time in colour.

It makes fascinating browsing - and one thing which is immediately obvious is how many of the winners in this numerically strong breed descend from a relatively small number of top producers. Many breeds have seen an explosion of ‘new’ lines since the advent of the travel scheme but in Boxers it seems to have been the opposite with only a very few recent imports having made any significant impact. I suppose if British breeders have found a formula, which works for them then that's fine.

Each Champion’s page is, as in previous books, sponsored, usually by its owner and the whole project was generously backed by Val and David Jordan.

A new feature this tie is photographs of all the breed’s BIS winners at general championship shows taken where possible on the big day. I know that some of these had to be reproduced from pages of old DOG WORLDs, and have to say they have come out remarkably well.

A noteworthy fact is that the first Boxer to win this award, the bitch Orburn Kekeri, is, I think, behind all but one of the subsequent winners. It's good that after a lull of more than a decade the breed has two recent BIS winners to add to the list, Linda's own Gold Dust and the new CC record holder, Blackmagic.

Those who nearly got there, the RBIS winners, are listed, as are the various record achievements. One worthy of note is Sue Harvey having sold 12 of the 16 champions she had bred as promising puppies to other exhibitors.

All the champions in the three books are listed with updated CC and RCC totals and also updated - a real labour of love this - is the list of the sires and dams of every single CC and RCC winner back to 1939. The book ends with the main results of shows since 1991 listed chronologically.

It is handsomely bound in red with gold lettering and Robert and Linda deserve once again the thanks of all Boxer people

Simon Parsons, Dog World

IT IS BLOOMING MARVELLOUS.    I got it this morning and have spent all day so far drinking tea  and coffee and reading it.  I think it is brilliant, the quality, the lovely pictures which really show why they are champions, the colouring and the list of sires and their progeny is very interesting.  You and Robert must be very proud of yourselves, 5 generations too!!

I like the way you have included all the Champions from No.1 - of course I am a nutter for pedigrees so all this interests me greatly but I have only heard good things from some of the younger exhibitors too.

Anyhow,  many congratulations, the book is a wonderful example of dedication to correct records.   I love it.

Pat Heath, Seefeld Boxers

I have to agree with Tim.  The book is worth every penny and will be a book to refer to for years to come.  Many thanks to Linda and Robert for their hard work in compiling it. 
Jayne Winter, Jayal Boxers
I received my book today. It was nice to see some of the champions that were in my parents’ first boxer’s pedigree and the one they used for stud back when I was 6 years old!! I shall treasure it.

Julie Biggs

Just got my boxer record book today, it’s supposed to be for Christmas but had to open it. It’s brilliant, I love it, thank you so much for all your effort and time, it’s so worth it! Can we put the first one back into print? Would love to own that one as well...

Tracy West

The book is fabulous, must have taken hours and hours. 

Janet Weall, Janbeau Boxers

I got the book today!! What an amazing amount of work you've put into it. It is a real bible. I wish I could do something like it here. Especially since the beginning... Thanks again!

Linda Näslund, Handlers Boxers, Norway

Received the book today ... all I can say is wow! What an unimaginable amount of work must have gone into this beautiful book! With the sheer volume of statistics I knew would be in it, I can't believe how much you managed to cram in there!

Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement. I feel privileged to have a copy of it! Thank you so very very much!

Éadaoin Nig Shamhráin

The Year book arrived yesterday and it's GREAT, spent the evening with my head buried in it! Thank you very much
David Streets

I received the UK Boxer Record Book yesterday. What an excellent publication, you and Robert have excelled, congratulations.

Valerie Tripe, Yooneek Boxers

We have received the book, what a fantastic job you guys have done!! We have hardly had our noses out of it!! Excellent work, well done!!!
Gavin & Eileen Custance, Vineen Boxers, Australia
I got the book! In less than a week too! It is lovely. I am going to get comfy and take a trip through it — thanks for all the work.
Judie Cook, USA

In my mailbox yesterday was the UK Boxer Record Book 1991-2007 and I have barely put it down since receiving it!!! What a beautiful keepsake that I will treasure forever. Thank you Linda and Robert for the immense amount of time and thought that went into creating such a wonderful book!!

Tori Hall, Sixes Boxers, USA

I was so excited yesterday because the Boxer Record book arrived!!! So many wonderful dogs and such a lovely book. Thanks for all your hard work pulling all this information together!!

Lisa Farina, USA

Thank you for the Record Book — an excellent, well produced edition and a welcome addition to all the 'blue books' — it will certainly stand out!

Congratulations to you and of course, Robert. Will never tire of looking through it — so many memories.

Jenny Wilson, Norwich

We think it is fantastic  —  it has some fascinating facts,  it’s all in colour and is set out really well – a definite piece of history for all Boxer folk.

You should be very proud of yourselves for putting in so much time and effort and it turning out so very well.

 Vikki Van-Beck and Chrstine Beardsell, Newlaithe Boxers

Just want to congratulate you on the fantastic job you have done on this book.  
The book is just a masterpiece and must rank with Boxer Blarney as one of the best puplications on Boxers ever.  
Thank you both for such a production.

Stuart Lockwood-Brown and Tony Curtin, Shiloh Boxers

Congratulations on a super book which was obviously a labour of love.
A book to be cherished for a life time and beyond.

Jillian Plant, Sanlian Boxers.

We are really impressed with the new record book, the work you have both put into it & the listing of the records must have been a labour of love, but the result is amazing, I am sure it will be a Boxer lovers collectors item in years to come, the best Boxer record book ever.

Kevin and Gaynor Jones, Kevanor Boxers

I received my book last week and must say that you have done a wonderful job. Could you please give yourselves a huge pat on the back for such a huge achievement. I have not looked at it all of course, but am sure that it will give me many months of enjoyment and will be treasured in this household for ever!
My appreciation to you both.

Sue Res, Suromar Boxers, Australia

Thank you for all the effort and work you have both put in to produce the new Record Book. It is a most valuable asset to any Boxer breeder.

Janice, Lynn and Suzanne Mair, Glenauld Boxers

I just wanted to say how wonderful the Record Book is and everyone who is interested in Boxers should own one. To both you and Robert very many congratulations on your hard efforts, you both should feel justly proud of the end product!!

Sue Harvey, Faerdorn Boxers

Can I say how wonderful the record book is that both yourself and Robert has put together.
Trevor Sully, Kashminder Boxers, Australia

Congratulations to you both on the splendid UK Boxer Record Book 1991-2007. The work involved can only be imagined. This book will prove invaluable to every serious student of the breed both now and in the future. We both look forward to your next edition!

Joan McLaren, Braxburn Boxers

Thank you so much for the UK Boxer Record Book. I really enjoy it!

Ewa Highland, Funflash Boxers

The Record Book is a masterpiece Linda, but then I knew it would be!! Congratulations to you and Robert.

Maureen Wragg, Harmaur Boxers

We still keep referring to the Record Book, definitely a must have book for all boxer owners and breeders.

Judy and Barrie Alton, Tarpen Boxers

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Received the Record Book yesterday and have been poring over it ever since. It really is a credit to both you and Robert McDougal; I can't begin to imagine the hours of work to get it produced.

I now have all three Record Books, Dibbie Somerfield making sure I bought the first one before I returned to Australia in 1977 with my home bred Goldsmith son, Ch. The Taipan of Felcign and the second one via Margaret Cattanach after I purchased Steynmere Twist n Turn in the early 90's.  I hate to admit it, but I very much doubt I'll be around for the fourth!!!

Margaret Clinton, Australia

The Record Book, is really good having all the pedigrees for reference. Also all the little extras such as ‘so near’ make it a little more special. If you ever come across any of the first or second additions please let us know as it would be good to have the whole set.

Catherine Thomson, Latchkey Boxers

The Record Book has finally arrived in North Wales.  What a wonderful book, excellent quality filled with so much information.  Both of you must have worked so hard to put it together. Congratulations and well done.

Ann and Geraint Price-Jones, Tyberg Boxers

The book is great and thanks for putting in the bit about names, "known as" and KC. If there are any more nutters like me into pedigree research, it helps.
It is a wonderful book.

Heidi Wyatt-Jung, Newbarn Boxers

I received the Record Book OK and It’s a work of art, must have taken you and Robert many hours to compile. It’s the best yet, thanks for your hard work.

David Webb, Cherryside Boxers

I have received my book it is fantastic you have done a fabulous job and we are all grateful that someone has taken the time and put so much effort into it. I will treasure it. Congratulations to Linda Carnaby and Robert McDougal for producing such an excellent Record Book it was well worth waiting for. Of course I am more than delighted as I was fortunate enough to receive one personally signed by Linda and Robert for which I thank them, hopefully I will be around for the next one.

Those Boxer lovers out there who haven't purchased one of these books I highly recommend that you do. Once again congratulations.

Robyn A. Knox, Suromar Boxers, Australia

My reason for writing is to congratulate you on the EXCELLENT bright red Record Book. You and Linda have done a wonderful job, making another huge contribution to the history of our favourite breed. I know Connie and Wilson will be looking down with approval!

David Spencer, Hartboys Boxers

I must let you know that I think the RECORD BOOK is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.  Really, really brilliant that you and Linda have had the energy to put it together (and Val the wherewithal).  It is a great service to the breed and in my view it was essential that it was published.  A really big “well done and thank you.”

Amanda Fraser, Stangard Boxers

I got my record book and I am so proud of it! The work that went into this endeavor is unbelievable and makes me wonder how on earth you found the time! A fantastic book to own and again, thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your efforts!

Karen Suarez, KaCee Boxers, USA

Wanted to say how impressive the new record book is - it's an excellent reference guide and an invaluable  source of information for 'Boxerites' not only now but in years to come,  so thanks to both you and Robert for the many hours you must have spent in putting it together.

Sarah Portlock, Sheiken Boxers
Recieved book today. Have not put it down since it came. Congratulations on such a great effort in putting it all together

Jenny Townshend, Jenroy Boxers
It's wonderful!  What a great resource, I can look at my kid's pedigrees and find their ancestors photos, I love it!
Randy & Judy Pasbrig

The record book is BRILL! It really is something I'll treasure, well done to you both on producing it. I love it .... and I'm so proud to have some of my beloved Boxers included in it.

Wendy Brooks, Jinnybrux Boxers

Congratulations on your super book.

Marion Seeney, Maranseen Boxers

The book is brilliant, well done, it must have been a nightmare to put together ,

Nikki Cannon, Flashnik Boxers

Wanted to thankyou for a wonderful RED BOOK, I have spent many hours reading it and know I will never tire of using it as a reference book. It is a credit to the breed. WELL DONE YOU.

Marion Cowan, Alcomar Boxers

Congratulations for producing the superb UK Record Book 1991-2007. I have hardly put it down since receiving it!
We are also lucky enough to have been given a copy of the first UK Record Book 1939-1975 by the partner of one of the early Australian breed pioneers. The book is signed by Stafford Somerfield (1977).
Both books provide a wonderful resource for studying pedigrees and following breed lines through generations.
Thank you for your time and again congratulations on a wonderful resource that will no doubt be responsible for many a late night spent totally absorbed within its pages.

Just wanted to thank you once more for all the hard work and dedication to our wonderful breed so evident in the Record Books. An enormous task but one that from here in south west Victoria, Australia, on almost every night, is greatly appreciated.

Jennifer Davis, KesdarBoxers


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